White River Public Access Points

This is a 'slippy' map: you can drag it, double-click it, etc to better understand the area.

All access points require some driving on dirt but only the BLM river access requires extensive driving on dirt roads. In wet times of the year or after thunderstorms driving can be slippery and dangerous -- even with 4wd.

The Ouray Bridge and Mtn Fuel Bridge accesses are on Ute tribal lands and permits are required to use them. Apply well in advance. Public and private/tribal lands are interspersed, without signage, all along the river.

The gps files available for download (.gpx format, WGS84) are compatible with many/most gps navigation devices.

Access Points

Click on the layer icon to download the waypoint (.gpx) file :

Paradise in trouble. River Public Access Points

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